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Friday, March 31, 2017

On being a guinea pig!

Back when I was first pregnant, I didn't realize quite how much I would start to feel like a human pincushion. Having epilepsy meant that I went in for lots of extra tests, bloodwork, and the like to make sure all was healthy with me and baby. I got so used to giving blood on a weekly basis that it started to not phase me at all.

And I was happy to do it - ...

So this week, I signed up to get an Embrace watch by Empatica and didn't realize that as part of it I would be participating in a study to see both how well the watch works, its accuracy, as well as additional information about certain biometrics. Its supposedly supposed to help in further releases of the watch, and its accuracy in predicting seizures. In reading their blog they also hope to add in more things, like helping you to know when you are too stressed and to take time to take a few breaths and calm down.

I've also been participating for a while on a study on women of childbearing age who have epilepsy. I've been registering information about birth control options we do or don't use, their 'efficiency' in preventing or helping us to get pregnant, and then while pregnant, my course of action. My neurologist also based out of The George Washington University Medical Faculty associates also studies epileptic pregnant patients. She has asked if I can be a part of her studies - and I've happily obliged.

Why do I do all this? Well, its not because of a love of getting stuck with needles... I actually hate that part. But rather because these opportunities intrigue me. I wonder what kinds of advancements are possible due to me sharing information - simple things really. I hate having epilepsy - it just is a pain in the butt. BUT(T) (haha see what I did there?) if my being a part of these studies can help others manage their conditions in the future, and could maybe even lead to a cure someday, then why wouldn't I participate?!

ps - Will post more on my experience with the Embrace watch too.

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